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Greek Souvalaki Pita Bread, Hamburger Buns , Hot Dog Rolls,Brioche Buns,Sliced Bread Baked Fresh Daily.

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Welcome to Sea Star Bakery Wholesale Pita Bread Bakers in Melbourne

Sea Star Bakery is one of the best pita bread wholesale bakers in Melbourne established in the year 1976 as a family-run business. However, it has now expanded as wholesale bakers and bread manufacturers. Sea Star Bakery now stands as a renowned entity, for their exceptional quality Souvlaki Pita Breads that is made from a traditional Greek recipe. Our Bread products are baked daily and are served in various cafes, hotels, clubs, bars, supermarkets in Melbourne area and the list goes on.

All our products are made using, top quality ingredients and meet the market leading food quality standards. We take pride in our excellent customer service and on time delivery. We are known as one of the most, up to date and hygienic bread manufacturers in the country and we have been recognized for combining tradition with innovation.

As a wholesale bakers ‘Sea Star Bakery’, supplies wholesale bread products to the whole of Melbourne, Victoria local, country shops and retailers, using their own fleet of Food Transport Vans, with a wide distribution network stretching across regional Victoria and wholesalers located nationally Sea Star Bakery stands as one of the top class wholesale bakers in Melbourne, Victoria.

Prepare Wholesome Dishes with Pita Bread Now

Currently, the world is acknowledging how healthy pita bread is. Rich in mineral and vitamin content, the bread is versatile in nature. We are offering an opportunity to experiment with pita. Now, preparing pita pizza, pita chips or pita quesadillas is not a matter of inconvenience anymore.

Expanding our horizon to the food industry, we are achieving milestones steadily. We are committed to improving our process in the upcoming days. Now, it is safe to expect pita bread which is even more delicious and softer. Contact us and place your order for restaurant now!

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